2023 Pricing

Dear Friends and Customers:

As this year draws to a close, may we all take a sigh of relief having made it through a very turbulent year with supply chain and inflation issues.

We at Smith River Biologicals continue to make strides maintained order in this chaotic world and business climate. Because of our strong investment in inventory, we feel comfortable as we move forward into 2023 in our continued ability to provide our customers with on-time, quality products and service.

Smith River Biologicals is also happy to announce that we will NOT be implementing price increases going into 2023! Barring any unforeseen circumstance, we hope to offer level pricing for the next several months.

We genuinely appreciate each and every one of our customers for sticking with us during the upheavals of the last couple of years. This is a testament to the good faith developed between our companies in doing business over many years.

On behalf of Smith River Biologicals, I want to wish all a Happy Holiday Season!

Glenn Roycroft, President

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