Smith River Biologicals provides microbiological media to water and wastewater treatment facilities, food processing facilities, cosmetic manufacturers, educational facilities, and federal and state government agencies.

Our specialty is creating any non-IVD custom media for industry and research.  We offer numerous specialty broths and agars that larger manufacturers do not supply.  If you have need of any media we do not currently stock, we will custom make it to suit your requirements, whether the need is for a proprietary formulation or for a different type of container for a more common media.  Because of these special services, we are ready to go beyond standard customer expectations and add a personal touch to your needs.

Smith River Biologicals

9388 Charity Highway, Ferrum, VA 24088


Hours of Operation: M-Th: 8am-4pm

Phone: (276)930-2369   Fax: (276)930-3777

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