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In 1982, Dr. David and Dr. Elizabeth Roycroft founded Smith River Biologicals to fill a need of high-quality microbiological media for the medical market.  Located in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains, they serviced many small and mid-sized hospitals near Roanoke and surrounding areas.  As markets changed, Smith River Biologicals adapted. Today we serve industrial, research, and educational facilities, along with wastewater, water treatment plants, and other governmental clientele. Almost forty years after the start of SRB, we are still proud to produce quality biologicals and prepared media for the laboratory professional.

Beginning in 2015, we expanded and modernized our production facility, resulting in the ability to manufacture standard and custom products with batch sizes between ten and three-thousand agar plates.  Unlike many prepared media companies, we insist on supplying only fresh media by shipping shortly after the date of manufacture.  In most cases, the expiration date of our refrigerated products is three months from the date of manufacture, and the non-refrigerated products, including most of our broths, have a six-month expiration date.  This ensures that the media will be good throughout the entirety of its shelf life.

Our staff commits to timely shipments, guaranteeing a turn-around time of two weeks for orders of three-thousand agar plates or less, even if we do not currently have the plates in stock.  If the products are in stock, we ship within one business day of the order.  For your convenience, certificates of analysis are provided online under the Quality Control menu on our website.

Along with the standard media listed in our catalog, SRB staff routinely works with many different companies to create custom media for their needs.  Whether one needs a different plate/tube size or volume for a current product we offer, or a proprietary formulation, SRB is prepared to meet the need for any non-IVD product.

For nearly four decades we have provided superior products and excellent service to our customers.  Let us know what we can do to meet your needs.


Glenn Roycroft


Smith River Biologicals

9388 Charity Highway, Ferrum, VA 24088


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